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A better way to treat fuel and oil
Using advanced nanotechnology
Making fuel and oil more efficient
Saving money and protecting engines

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Lubrication Solutions Pty Ltd (Australian-owned and operated) Trading as Bi-Tron Australia since 1995 has provided the best Oil and Fuel treatments. Now amazing new nanotechnology has dramatically improved how we treat fuel and oil.
Using this new technology, (XSNANO) we can achieve far better results than ever possible, and the results are outstanding, as you will see.
We have vehicles getting up to 30 per cent better fuel economy increased power and fewer emissions. Use standard fuel.
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XSNANO can dramatically reduce friction and wear, improve fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and increase power and performance in all engines and machinery.
Testimonials from our large customer base will confirm the amazing results and cost savings by using XSNANO products.
 XSNANO treatment ratios are very concentrated and dosage rates are 100 times less than some other less effective products.
Never pay high prices for fuel again!
Use XSNANO with standard fuel and get better results than high price "Premium" fuels. (95 - 98) Saving more than the cost of our products.

Proven Results

XSNANO is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-dangerous goods,
Completely safe to use, ship and store.
It cannot harm any engine or machinery.
Get amazing results.
The ratio for Fuel is one mil per ten litres of fuel
The ratio for oil is one mil per one litre of oil (any oil)

Great reviews from happy customers

Best fuel economy

Average 20-30% in most vehicles.
"I was amazed".
"Immediately I noticed the extra power".
"And then when I did the figures, my fuel consumption went from 14 ltrs / 100 ks to just 9 ltrs / 100 ks. and I was using standard unleaded (91) petrol. (The Pajero requires a minimum of 95 octane). You don’t need to buy “Premium” fuel when using XSNANO fuel additives and this can save you another 15 cents / ltr at the pump. XSNANO raises octane and cetane".
"And the vehicle runs better than before, (when using high octane fuel)".

Improved performance

"I use XSNANO additives for several reasons. The main reason is the preventative maintenance and the possibility of at least doubling the working life of our machines, as the cost of repairs plus loss of income through downtime today can be very costly to a business, more so when any repairs have to go back to the manufacturer to be done and this could take weeks with the machinery not earning any income.
Cotton picker, John Deere 7760 (550 HP) fitted with Hydro Transmission which holds 400 litres of hydraulic oil, 4 years old the replacement value today is about $1.1 million".
"We run both XSNANO Fuel and Oil treatments in all our machinery".  
You should too!

All engines can benefit

Cars, trucks, machinery, any engine.
Imported high-end engines to trucks and farm machinery can all greatly benefit from using XSNANO fuel and oil additives.

High-performance engines.

XSNANO Improving high-performance engines.
Ferrari racing team gained one second over one hundred metres and improved fuel economy by 14 per cent and noticed a lot more power.
You can supercharge your vehicle with XSNANO

Discover More

XSNANO perfect for all engines and fuel systems
XSNANO raises Octane in petrol and Cetane in diesel so there is no need to pay for "Premium" fuels such as 95 or 98 octane. Combine the cost savings with better fuel economy and see more savings.
Rigorous engine testing ensures XSNANO is the best treatment for engines and fuel systems. XSNANO - Lubrication Solutions PtyLtd is a brand you can trust, with decades of impeccable service to the industry.
23% better fuel economy
Kenworth K104 B Double
Initial Fuel economy was 1.70 km/ltr, it then ended at 2.09kms/ltr.
That is a 23% fuel saving using XSNANO NDA diesel additive.
Reducing emissions
Environmental test specifications based on national standards for testing, for dozens of models, shows XSNANO can significantly reduce emissions. Gasoline vehicle exhaust emissions harmful pollutants include: hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOX); diesel exhaust emissions of harmful pollution include: Smoke (FSN), particulate matter (PM), nitrogen oxides. All significantly reduced.

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