DPF units run cleaner with XSNANO

DPF units run cleaner with XSNANO
Vehicle: VW Amarok V6 Diesel; 40,000 klms
Fuel: Shell Diesel.
Problem: Regular Re- Generations ( burn-offs) of the PDF . Plus two limp modes without warning.
Action: On average; 30 minutes of driving at 3000rpm. and 60 plus elms., to clean the filter.
Then I tried using XSNANO fuel additive.
Treatment: XSNANO. Travelled 1,200 klms. using the product with no issues.
Then travelled 300 klms. without the product before being alerted to do a regeneration (burn-off) of the DPF.
I thought you may be interested in the above.


Designed to collect carbon on the filter system until the sensor detects blockage, then the vehicle injects fuel at high revs to burn off or clean the filter. DPF filters are not designed for city driving so vehicles that don't "get a good run" have all sorts of problems and usually require a regeneration burn, where the vehicle must get the revs up for about twenty minutes to accomplish a burn.

This is a very problematic system but illegal to remove if fitted to your vehicle.

Here is the good news.

XSNANO fuel additives are designed to remove carbon from engines in the combustion chamber, by creating a more complete burn of fuel. Therefore there is less carbon to "block up" the DPF unit and it will require fewer "Burn offs" and in some cases, it could stop them altogether. So your DPF filter will remain clean, not requiring a regeneration burn and your vehicle will run better and last longer.

Use XSNANO NDA at a ratio of one mil per ten litres of fuel. (1; 10,000)

To remove carbon from engines.

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