Great fuel robery

Great fuel robery

Don't be conned into paying high prices for "premium" fuel when all you need to do is use the correct fuel additive.  
Some imported or late model engines require high Octane (or Cetane in diesel)  fuel to operate correctly. (Ignition delay)

NOTE; This article refers to Octane in petrol and Cetane in diesel.

But buying high octane fuel from your service station is very expensive.
Using XSNANO fuel additives will raise your octane levels and improve fuel lubrication and efficiency at a fraction of the price you would pay for branded high octane fuel at the bowser.

If you are using XSNANO then you can use standard fuel (91) and save your money.
When using XSNANO and standard fuel (91), your engine will be quieter, smoother and more powerful than before.
Not only will you save far more than XSNANO costs, but your vehicle will run cleaner, smoother with more power than with high the branded high octane fuel sold at the station, and you can get far better fuel economy as well, saving more money.
Indicators of low octane;
If your vehicle does not have enough octane in the fuel, your engine will "Ping", indicating the ignition is not correctly adjusted.
This "Pinging" won't occur when using XSNANO.
See these public videos explaining high octane fuel to get a better understanding.

This video is publicly viewed on youtube

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