Truck fires may be caused by DEF units?

Truck fires may be caused by DEF units?

Too many truck fires now, what is causing them?

Here is a quote from USA trucking
"Why are we seeing more truck fires? here is the answer. Trucking companies have been up in arms about the new emissions on 18 wheeler engines. This has to do with the exhaust filtration systems and DEF additive. There are very few that know the hazards of this equipment being used on all new trucks. The systems are set up to capture unburned fuel and other emissions in an exhaust filter. Some use DEF, Diesel exhaust fluid, also known as urea. The filters do not eliminate the bad. they only hold it for a period until it can be burned off at a higher temp. The burn-off period is known as regeneration. The truck's computer engages this whenever it feels the filter is restricted or full. Normally this is done while the truck is parked and idling. The computer turns on the regeneration cycle giving you warning lights not to shut off truck or park near anything because of the fire risk. The engine revs up and the filter increases temp to well above 1,000 degrees. During this cycle, the trucks dump smoke out the stack and the smell is horrible. Once done with the regeneration the truck returns to normal operation and you can shut it off. The more you idle the truck or the more you are in stop and go traffic the more the computer wants to do regeneration. The way the system is set up the regeneration can happen while you drive. But this can cause a problem because new unburned fuel and particulate is added to the filter. If you are shifting or going up and down in RPMs the exhaust can flash like a giant backfire. This has caused multiple fires originating from the exhaust filter system. Nearly all fires start on the side of the engine in front of the exhaust filter. even though this is a safety issue the EPA is still pushing for these filters on all diesel engines. Most new fire trucks have these filtering systems. Trucking companies have been complaining to congress and the department of transportation for years. It is all going on death ears. I have seen more and more stories about truck fires. It seems like we have had 4 in the past 7 days in the Knoxville area. What will it take before newsgroups finally investigate these fires and the cause? Can you imagine a fire truck going to a fire scene only to catch fire at the scene?"

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XSNANO can reduce truck fires

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