VRX Pajero saving over 30 cents a litre on fuel costs using XSNANO

VRX Pajero saving over 30 cents a litre on fuel costs using XSNANO

I thought I would try the XSNano petrol fuel additive in my new VRX Pajero V6.

 First of all, I could not imagine such a small amount making any difference to my car. And secondly, I was already getting great results with the treatment I was using so I didn’t expect to see any change.

I was amazed.

Immediately I noticed the extra power.

And then when I did the figures, my fuel consumption went from 14 ltrs / 100 ks to just 9 ltrs / 100 ks. and I was using standard unleaded (91) petrol. (The Pajero requires a minimum of 95 octane). You don’t need to buy “Premium” fuel when using XSNano fuel additives and this can save you another 15 cents / ltr at the pump. XSNano raises octane and cetane.

And the vehicle actually ran better than before.

That is why I can thoroughly recommend using XSNano in your vehicle.

You too can save money.

XSnano only requires low octane fuels, because Xsnano is also an octane booster, so vehicles that require 95 or 98 fuel can now run better on 91 using Xsnano.
That can save the motorist 20 cents or more before they start getting the XSnano fuel economy savings (the difference in price between standard ULP and “premium” fuels).

NB. If you are using XSnano in your fuel it will raise your octane and cetane ratings, So you don't need to pay extra for 95 or 98 fuel

Any vehicle can now use Standard Unleaded Petrol (ULP 91) as the XSnano will automatically raise the octane for you saving you far more than the product costs.
Don't pay extra $0.15 for 95 or $0.22 for 98
NB. XSnano Fuel additive can give up to 28% better fuel economy and XSnano Oil additive up to 10%
I am getting about 30% saving (I have all my vehicle treated with XSnano)
So let's do some math.
The price I paid today for Petrol fuel in Brisbane was $1.55 / ltr
ULP was $1.55, 95 was $1.68 and 98 was $1.77
My vehicle must use 98 (it says on fuel cap) But I use 95 (ULP) because I am adding XSnano fuel treatment. So I only pay $1.55 /ltr and not $1.77 /ltr
That just saved me 22 cents a litre. (MORE THAN XSNANO COSTS)
Plus I am getting about 30% better fuel economy so I am saving about 46 cents on top of that saving.
So I am paying 68 cents less than I would if I were not using XSnano in my fuel and oil.
Plus my vehicle is running clean and protected, my injectors stay clean, and I have a lot more power.
This is why we say that you are crazy if you are not using XSnano in your fuel. It not only lubricates and protects your vehicles, but it can also save you a whole lot of money as it does it.
Nano-technology is far more advanced now and is "a better way to treat fuel".


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